Hi Dean,

We are dropping you a line to let you know how much we love our new house and to thank you for helping us realize our 24 year dream. It turned out even more spectacular than our vision. We enjoy seeing the reaction of our guests when they walk through the foyer and take in the view that we get to enjoy every day.

You and your team are amazing, we cannot thank you enough for your patience, calm, attention to detail and positive reassurance not to mention keeping us within our budget, which we know was a challenge for you at times considering the “extra” requests.

The planning and actual construction was so easy with you. You were the calm in our storm.

Exceptional service Dean, we will not hesitate to recommend you.

Thanks again!

Paula & Greg Hart


Laurel and I can’t thank you enough for building our beautiful new dream home – the way we wanted it; on time and on budget. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your crew.

Now for the rest of the story: To Any Potential Home Buyer Looking to Build Dean Patrick homes.

Would you ever dream of building your dream home without ever meeting your builder? Of course you wouldn’t.

Would you ever dream of signing a new home contract without ever meeting your builder? Of course you wouldn’t.

Would you ever give a key to your new home to your builder? After you closed on your new home? Allowing him to show potential home buyer’s his work – while you were away?

Well that’s exactly what we the Cooper’s did. After doing out homework, it didn’t take long for us to understand that Dean is a man we could trust, and that his work and his integrity are his hallmark and his trademark!

From start to finish Dean and crew were spot on; the craftsmanship and quality of work is second to no one. Throughout the entire build process, Dean and his crew were clean and respectful to both the interior work as well as the exterior work, they were well organized and professional, and they know how to stay on track!

As you can imagine, building a custom home can be daunting and overwhelming at times. We quickly learned that Dean’s many years of building custom (quality) homes meant that we could trust his opinion whether it was deciding on tile, doors & trim, or gutters, Dean was always there to keep us from wandering too far off the beaten track, and we were grateful for this experience and candid feedback.

Dean’s favorite quote is: If it were my home?

And yes we can confidently say if the Coopers were to build again, there is only one person that we would ever consider building with, and that is Dean Patrick and his team.

Thanks again Dean for making our dream home come true!

Ronnie & Laurel Cooper

Hi Dean,

Well it’s been a year now since we moved into our new home that you built for us! We are very proud and pleased with our new home and have found very few places where we would make changes. Thanks for talking us into letting you finish the lower level and deck. I now realize it would take me years to have completed this and then it would not have been to the quality and workmanship that you and your crews put into our home. Your contractors were excellent to work with and the few small changes we made during construction taken care of with no to-do. Your experience and expertise really helped us as we closed in on finalizing our plans and then being able to walk us through the construction process.

Taking the tour of the Blenker plant in Amherst, WI was a real treat for me. It’s amazing how much of this type of construction saves in wood products by being able to reuse small pieces of lumber. The automation in the plant was incredible the lumber turrets for selecting the correct board to how the panels are moved around on the floor. Then it’s shipped 250 miles and assembled without a hitch. The roofing crew was putting the roof on by the end of the first week. I was impressed and can’t figure out why anyone would want to do with a stick built home these days.

I know you didn’t want to give us a date for completion because issues can come up during the construction. You ended up giving us an estimated completion date and then you beat it by a few weeks. This really worked out timing wise as just when the house was completed, I was able to move my job to Minong and work from our new home! What a great feeling that was to be able to move into our new home and work from it.

The one regret that I have is that I now wish I had taken a few days off work to watch the crew set the house.

We would strongly recommend you, Blenker and all of your contractors to anyone who is thinking of building.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with the construction of our new home and a special thanks to you for everything you have done for us.

Bob & Heidi Budden

Dear Dean,

Gary and I just wanted to extend our sincere thanks to you for all you have done. We feel it is very important for you to know just what type of individual and business man you are.

When we first met, you appeared to be honest and trustworthy. We picked our plans, made changes, went over details, and you did everything to make our dreams come true.

When we began this project 2 years ago, we had no idea what we were in for, but you helped us out every step of the way.

When our building permit was pulled due to the deed being incorrect, you stood by us and did everything in your power to help. It was at that time that our feelings regarding you had proven to be true. You went above and beyond for us. You contacted town and county officials, looked for paperwork to support our problem, and went on our behalf to torn and county meetings to plead our case. You were there for us, through everything like a close friend.

After a year since the project first begun, we finally had our 5 acre parcel and you were still ready to continue with our project. We felt you were just as excited as we were and that we had accomplished the impossible.

Whenever we had a question, or needed some help, you always pointed us in the right direction or recommended someone who could help us.

When our house was delivered in July 2008, we were there to witness the while construction process. You were able to arrange for us to meet all the subcontractors while we were up there, and all details were covered. While working with others we found you to be a well respected individual in the community.

It is important to us that you know how trustworthy, hard working, compassionate and professional you are. We would highly recommend you to anyone who takes on the home building process.

We want you to know how thrilled we are with our home now that it is finished. We feel we have developed a deep friendship with you, and look forward to spending time with you in the future.

Gary & Lori Gramoll

We want to thank you for all your effort and care in the construction of our new lake home. We love it!

We have built several houses, and working with your team has been by far the best home building experience we have had. You showed true dedication to completing our home exactly as we wanted. We had high expectations and you saw that each of our requests was taken care of exactly as we wanted.

From the planning process to the final trim work you and your team have been exceptionally flexible to work with. I am convinced of the cost and quality benefits of the panelized framing process that you use. With our house under roof within a week, the framing and subfloors were not exposed to weeks of weather. Also, your partners at Blenker made the design and selection process very easy – they are very helpful and focused on the customer’s needs as well.

You provided us with what we feel are the most important attributes in a contractor that we could ask for – trust and reliability. It may seem basic, but when you make a commitment it gets done right and on-time. This separated a positive building experience from a stressful one for us. We also appreciate your adherence to the budget we established as well as all your suggestions both from a quality and cost savings perspective.

Thanks again to you and your team – we truly appreciate all your hard work. We are pleased to recommend you to others considering building a home. We are very happy in our new home and look forward to many years of happy memories on the lake!

Jeff & Linda

Jeff & Linda

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for building the house of our dreams!

From day one, you listened to us and helped guide us through the building process. You were flexible and made great suggestions when we had questions, and we had a lot of questions. You were extremely professional, honest and met our timeline for completion.

Building a second home so far from our first was a scary endeavor and added a whole new element to an already significant project and investment. We obviously couldn’t be there every step of the way. People warned us: How will you know that your builder isn’t making mistakes? We wouldn’t have contracted with you without feeling confident in your abilities. You certainly did not let us down!

Our home is more than we ever dreamed it could be and we thank you so very much. We look forward to years and years of creating wonderful memories with our family and friends in our beautiful new home. Thank you for helping make this possible!

Michael & Dori

Michael & Dori

From the moment we met Dean in his Minong office – inquiring about the possibility of building on our land – we immediately felt in very, very good hands. It was obvious that his knowledge of all aspects of the building process was extensive. Every question we threw at him he not only answered, but took the time to explain thoroughly. I never felt rushed – he always had the time for us.

As we began to work with the actual “creating” of the cabin, Dean was able to take our ideas, and work them into the overall design. He freely offered his own suggestions and opinions and always answered my frequent question, “OK, what would you do if this was your cabin?”

The building stage went surprisingly fast! Dean had all the subcontractors lined up weeks in advance and ready to go. There was rarely a down day when something wasn’t being worked on. Dean was often on-site – checking on the progress, buying the guys lunch and giving them a hard time (in a funny way). We had a chance to work with some of the sub-contractors: the tree clearing folks (amazing to watch), Jimmy – our electric guy, the carpet/floor folks in Rice Lake and the wood-burning stove store in Hayward to name a few. ALL were so helpful, down-to-earth, really good folks! Knew their stuff, too! Again, thanks to Dean, we were in very good hands.

Accessible, dependable, honest and knowledgeable…these are the qualities I would use to describe Dean Patrick. Accessible and dependable…promptly returned every email and phone call, came through on everything he promised and more, answered every question we had and some that never occurred to us. Honest…with his advice and guidance, kept us on budget and on task. Let’s just say – I’d trust him with just about anything. Knowledgeable? I invite you to come look at our cabin. He is a perfectionist in his craft – in the best sense of the word.

We consider Dean Patrick to be – not only the world’s best contractor, but a life-long friend. His friendship, our trust in him, his positive and reassuring attitude and his wicked little sense of humor – will be forever treasured. Dean made this whole process FUN. I owe him more than just a few “promised” beers – and we (our family) owe him a huge THANK YOU for all he has done in helping us build this little slice of paradise.

Maddie & Rosie

Maddie & Rosie

We are extremely pleased with our home built by Dean Patrick Builders, and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

Since we moved to Northern Wisconsin from Texas, we could not be present during much of our building process and had to trust Dean to oversee our home building in our absence.

We were very impressed as Dean kept us very well informed as the building progressed, and our home was completed on schedule and exactly as we had planned. The quality of the home and the work of all the Subcontractors was excellent.

Dean was very helpful in our planning process, allowing us to have a large amount of input while also coming up with many excellent suggestions of his own to make our home special.

This is our dream home here in the beautiful north woods and we will be forever grateful to Dean for making it possible.

Brenda & Steve

Brenda & Steve

Thanks for the wonderful job you did on the construction of our new home. Your attention to detail and personal concern went beyond our expectations. The sub contractors also need to be commended for their hard work, extra hours, and politeness. They were all great to work with throughout the process. As we said before, we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of building.

Jim and Ellen

Jim and Ellen

You addressed all issues with our construction in a logical manner and in timely fashion, to keep the project rolling. I really do not place my trust in people very often and am suspicious by nature, but your friendly personality and professional attitude are very refreshing in this busy world we live in. People just don’t take the time to interact with each other in business, but you take the time to do so. I am a pretty good judge of people, and my first impression of you was very positive, and quite honestly, I trusted you from day 1.