Laurel and I can’t thank you enough for building our beautiful new dream home – the way we wanted it; on time and on budget. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your crew.

Now for the rest of the story: To Any Potential Home Buyer Looking to Build Dean Patrick homes.

Would you ever dream of building your dream home without ever meeting your builder? Of course you wouldn’t.

Would you ever dream of signing a new home contract without ever meeting your builder? Of course you wouldn’t.

Would you ever give a key to your new home to your builder? After you closed on your new home? Allowing him to show potential home buyer’s his work – while you were away?

Well that’s exactly what we the Cooper’s did. After doing out homework, it didn’t take long for us to understand that Dean is a man we could trust, and that his work and his integrity are his hallmark and his trademark!

From start to finish Dean and crew were spot on; the craftsmanship and quality of work is second to no one. Throughout the entire build process, Dean and his crew were clean and respectful to both the interior work as well as the exterior work, they were well organized and professional, and they know how to stay on track!

As you can imagine, building a custom home can be daunting and overwhelming at times. We quickly learned that Dean’s many years of building custom (quality) homes meant that we could trust his opinion whether it was deciding on tile, doors & trim, or gutters, Dean was always there to keep us from wandering too far off the beaten track, and we were grateful for this experience and candid feedback.

Dean’s favorite quote is: If it were my home?

And yes we can confidently say if the Coopers were to build again, there is only one person that we would ever consider building with, and that is Dean Patrick and his team.

Thanks again Dean for making our dream home come true!